Reflection on Amal totkay

Amal totkay has pumped me up to reflect my thoughts on these great tips and putting my ideas and thoughts into action.

Totkay are basically the tips and tricks you can apply to make your life results easier.

Amal totkay provide nourishment for growing mindset. These are listed below.

Amal teaches to be self aware of ourselves and our thoughts. Positive self-talk is a powerful tool for increasing your self-confidence and curbing negative emotions . Potentiating your own self can impact you towards prosperity. Self talk provided me a path to self-realize the direction of my mind growth whether its growing in right direction or is really important to have a growth mindset to grow daily and think positively.

I have started to have at least in day in week to self talk to deeply analyse my self.

When you don’t get out of your comfort zone. It makes you fixed minded and closed preceptive person. Getting out of your comfort zone would authentically compel you to develop a vigorous yet strategic mindset. You are then able to face new situations with new and growing perspective.

When you try to come out of your comfort zone,Congrats ;you can enter your growth zone.

Indulging something new in life daily makes you confident to face new situations and difficulties. Developing a new good habit makes you productive, you can have good mood, more active and satisfied.

I have developed a habit of book reading to indulge myself into a positive change.

Talking to people and listening to their ideas is such a therapeutic thing to-do. I am trying to share my ideas and thoughts with people. Making connections with people helps you to grow and asking help and exchanging ideas makes you to think ideas and solutions from others perspective too.

What I learnt from Amal is

’’To make a change, you just have to start by pushing yourself out of comfort zone ,being a learner, by having a growth mind set, and having a positive mindset and perspective.’’ ,

An attribute of being a perennial learner can genuinely avail you even beyond your prospects.